Back of the Hill Apartments- A grand transformation

Though the Back of the Hill Apartments was an exterior cladding renovation project, the design intent was far from superficial. The existing EIFS exterior was failing, soaked with water, delaminating from the building and an eyesore. Removal of the existing EIFS revealed years of water infiltration, rendering completely ineffective insulation, deterioration of interior finishes and structural components, and unsafe interior air quality for the residents. The replacement of the exteriors with the new vented rainscreen metal panels was critical to the continued occupancy of this eleven-story, 125 unit, mixed-use affordable elderly housing development.

The vented rainscreen metal panel system served the design intent in several ways, including improving the indoor air quality, aesthetics, and long-term durability. Water is finally kept out of the building, allowing the insulation and interior structure to dry thoroughly, and restoring the indoor air quality. New ventilation and windows will also allow the building to be maintained as a healthy indoor environment for this sensitive population.

The sleek lines of metal panels allow for a fresh new look. Panel colors were selected to add interest and brightness to the building; and the facades were organized with a rational set of panel shapes, alignment and proportions. The arrangement of the metal panel joints, shapes, sizes and colors, helps to redefine a once large and confusing building mass.

The metal panels are far more durable than the previous EIFS cladding and thus will benefit the building for many years to come. They offer great protection to the underlying building structure and finishes and are also relatively maintenance free.

This complete transformation of the exterior will help to enhance the quality of life for the residents and help them to remain safely and successfully in their homes.