Governor Patrick Signs Historic Bond Bill

Cambridge, MA, November 14, 2013 – The Putnam Square Apartments lobby served as the site for Governor Deval Patrick to sign the historic $1.4 billion dollar bond bill. The bill allocates much-needed funds for affordable housing improvements and community-based services. Simultaneously, affordable housing projects throughout the Commonwealth received a total of $73 million dollars for the season’s funding round. Four of Davis Square Architects’ projects, including Putnam Square, were generously awarded funds to help see their visions realized.

The Davis Square Architects’ projects that received funding this year were Putnam Square Apartments in Cambridge, which is the 94-unit renovation and preservation project located in Harvard Square and developed by Homeowners Rehab Inc. Gorham Street Apartments, located in Lowell, is the 24-unit new construction project developed by Coalition For A Better Acre. Memorial Square Apartments in Springfield is the 56-unit renovation and preservation project developed by the New England Farm Workers Council. 51 -57 Beals Street in Brookline is a 31-unit single room occupancy renovation and preservation project located in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood and developed by the Pine Street Inn. All four projects will receive support through the DHCD as well as from their respective cities.

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