The Greening of Rolling Ridge

North Andover, MA – June 2, 2008 – The Rolling Ridge Conference Center is working closely with local architect Iric Rex, AIA to plan for a future of environmentally sustainable operation. Located on Lake Cochickwick in North Andover, Rolling Ridge is a 38-acre peninsula with elegant historical architecture and landscape design. Iric Rex, of Davis Square Architects, will be conducting a review of their entire campus, including buildings and landscape, to propose and implement strategies to assist the staff in maintaining and improving the distinctive and historically important buildings and grounds.

The twin goals of preservation of the graceful historic design and introducing cutting-edge energy efficiency are not necessarily at odds. In fact both are necessary to the continued prominence and charm of the spectacular setting. Iric has achieved 55 percent energy savings on similar historical buildings through careful integration of new technologies while preserving historical charm.

The greening of Rolling Ridge is vitally important to Reverend Larry Peacock, Executive Director. Reverend Peacock considers environmental stewardship an integral aspect of Rolling Ridge’s spiritual mission. The pastoral setting serves as a peaceful retreat from some of the pressures of everyday life. But over the past decade, energy costs have become a larger part of his operating costs, and the rich historical building exteriors have needed accelerated maintenance. As the Rolling Ridge Board meets with Iric Rex to consider fundraising and building improvements, it must also consider the environmental impact of their renovations in preserving the long-term viability of the site and its operations.

At Rolling Ridge, “greening strategies” will include major improvements to heating and cooling systems, resulting in improved operating efficiencies and comfort for their retreat guests. The design effort will also reduce electricity and water use, improve air quality, preserve historical building components, and expand the use of the facility for guests with limited mobility. Sustainable construction techniques and solar power generation will also be considered as ways of making Rolling Ridge an environmentally responsible neighbor.

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