A New Name for Mostue & Associates

Somerville, MA, October 1, 2010- There’s change afoot in Davis Square! We want to share the exciting news that Mostue & Associates, Inc. is now Davis Square Architects, Inc. 

Why a name change? Over the past quarter century, we’ve had the good fortune to develop a core group of hard-working individuals who share a common vision: that vital communities are built through teamwork. The time has come to recognize the valuable contributions and expanded roles of our own team by adopting a more inclusive name, one that will provide a domain for the professional growth of our staff, while maintaining the continuity of our current management and ownership structure.

Why Davis Square Architects, Inc.? Our firm has been one of the anchor businesses in the Square for more than fourteen years. Our new name builds on the positive associations we all have with this neighborhood—diversity, creativity, and ongoing renewal. Davis Square is a smart-growth success story, and a great example of the kind of stimulating environment we try to promote in other communities where we work. We want our next quarter century to reflect the energy and spirit that make Davis Square thrive.

What to expect? Davis Square Architects will be dedicated to designing buildings that are respectful of their surroundings, their occupants, and the environment. That commitment has not changed. You’ll continue to work closely with the same staff you’ve come to know over the years. What will change, in addition to our name, is our new website, which will go live in October 2010. In the meantime, please talk to us!