Klein Hornig, Boston, MA

Klein Hornig, Boston, MA


Interior fit-out
7,000 sf

One of the preeminent legal firms in affordable housing, Klein Hornig discovered Davis Square Architects’ corporate design side. We worked with Klein Hornig on the design and analysis of numerous locations before deciding on 101 Arch Street overlooking downtown Boston. In a very interactive process, together we developed programs, relationships, and multiple fit plans designed to reflect the firm’s needs.

Klein Hornig’s offices focus on communication and collaboration, and the design team went to great lengths to enhance intercommunication, both intentional and accidental. Klein Hornig’s different nodes of collective activity – conference rooms, production areas, break and lounge areas, etc. – are distributed throughout the suite to encourage movement and interaction beyond the nearby coworkers. Ample glass and open areas foster visual connections, and interior windows welcome an abundance of natural light while sharing knockout views of Boston Harbor.

The finishes were carefully chosen both for budget and ‘image’ reasons. Klein Hornig specializes in working with both non-profit and for-profit organizations throughout the country and the design had to reflect quality and innovation without any perceived extravagance. Modern and contemporary colors with subtle changes throughout the space create an invigorating yet serene atmosphere.