SMOC Behavioral Healthcare

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SMOC Behavioral Healthcare (SBH) is a division of SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council) that provides substance abuse and mental health outpatient services to individuals, children and families. SBH also provides substance abuse residential services to individuals, including pregnant and postpartum women, helping individuals and families regain and maintain emotional well-being, and assisting them to live productive and self-sufficient lives. Davis Square Architects is currently working with SMOC on several projects at their Framingham complex, and SBH is the first building to be completed.

The project transformed an old storage building into a state-of-the-art counselling center, featuring a sun-filled entry and reception space, meeting and counselling rooms, and administrative spaces. DSA worked closely with both SBH counselling staff and the general contractor to create a safe, welcoming and soothing environment for visitors of all ages, with both a tight space and budget.